Local Bigwig Transparency Transparency

Local Bigwig requires our housing providers to post their monthly rental rates and explicitly show what you get for it. This is revolutionary in a marketplace that is notorious for not posting the info you need to make informed, timely rental decisions.

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Local Bigwig Value Value

By creating an open and fair marketplace for this incredibly fragmented business, Local Bigwig can offer you the best value by allowing housing providers to also compete based on rate.

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Local Bigwig choice Choice

In any given city, there may be up to 100 professional housing providers managing up to 300 furnished rentals each. Local Bigwig has vetted and aggregated them on our platform, putting the power of choice into your hands.

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Corporate and Institutional Clients include:

Temporary Housing Ideal For:

Business Assignments


Insurance Claims

In-Between Selling/Buying Homes

Medical Stays

Intern Programs

Study Abroad

Extended Vacations

Military Assignments

Renovation Projects

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